Why Sell with Anne Mainwaring?

Anne_Mainwaring_colour.jpgMy Commitment To You

Above and beyond the standard service offered by Realtors®, I will write a LIFESTYLE STORY, BRAND your house and SHOWCASE it. This includes:

1. FREE staging services: I will create an ideal environment for future
    buyers to imagine themselves in this new space and make it very
    inviting and welcoming.
2. HIGH-DEFINITION PICTURES: The use of a professional photographer
    and 20 High-definition pictures to showcase your home.
3. The creation of a HIGH-END VIDEO of your property, including drone
    imaging. Having Sight , Sound and Motion will allow to transport the
    consumers into your home. This will highlight the lifestyle associated
    to living in your neighbourhood area and features its benefits. A video
    tells best the story of your home. 
4. Thick glossy brochures with high-definition pictures, floor plan
    and description of your property.

For A Successful Sale

I will leverage my Experience and Expertise in a very competitive market by:

1. Helping you reach the Local, Asian, American and European markets with
    language proficiency in English, Mandarin and French. .
2, Advertising in the major local newspapers and send out newsletters and
    flyers to promote your property. Putting a sign on your lawn is just the
    beginning: I spend lots of my costs to “PUSH” your property to get it sold
    in the fastest time frame. 
3. Offering “boutique” service, and am committed to personally (no
    realtor's assistant) showing your house at the Open Houses and each
    appointment request. 
4. Negotiating on your behalf to ensure that you receive the highest
    possible sale price for your home. 
5. Warranting you to receive full transparency and open communication through the entire process.
6. Providing a Personal & Courteous service.

Other services that I can assist you with include:

1. Arranging for owners rent back
2. Having access to architects/designers/ builders/ trade people (painting, flooring, plumbing and electrical). 
3. Leveraging my expanded referral network and partners:
a. CPA: Tax strategies and investment planning
b. LAWYERS: Advice and guidance for your investments
c. FINANCING: Creative loan solutions for local and international buyers

The Value In Using Sotheby’s International Realty Canada


Sotheby’s International Realty is currently the most trusted name in real estate bringing instant credibility and recognition with Buyers and Sellers. Reaching the most influential group of people in the world.

Sotheby’s International Realty has an extraordinary name in real estate and in the luxury world.
Luxury is in Sotheby’s DNA. It has sold some of the most cherished & valuable properties in the world, and is truly a unique global luxury brand.

o  GLOBAL EXPOSURE on many platforms: www.sothebysrealty.com and the cascading websites. 
o  In 2015, Sotheby’s reached 1,2 billion viewers thanks to its association with the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times,
    the New York Times, Mansion Global, Yandex.com, Hong Kong Tatler, and many more. 
o  Already in 2016, Sotheby’s engaged 1/7th of the world (Up 15% from 2015)!
o  Juwai.com. All the properties are on Juwai. (#1 real estate site in China).
o  Sotheby's offers a powerful network of 15,000 agents and 849 offices worldwide giving access to affluent community of buyers.